Video Journalists and their role within the Ujima Subkia Fund

The Ujima Subukia Fund (“USF”) project not only seeks to raise funds for scholarships and other projects that will improve the quality of life for people in need, but also it seeks to raise awareness about and appreciation of different cultures. A key tool in building a personal and passionate connection between cultures is through documentary video.

The USF believes that there is tremendous value in seeing African issues through the eyes of Africans. Hence, since the project’s inception, documentary shorts about it have been filmed, directed and produced exclusively by a team of world-renowned Kenyan video journalists. In particular, the USF owes thanks to three Kenyan video journalists who have contributed immeasurable talent and countless hours to the USF scholarship program: Murad Rayani, Peter Murimi (the 2004 CNN African Journalist of the Year) and Kenneth Kaigua. Their footage and post-production efforts have produced a number of inspirational documentary shorts.

Additionally, these video journalists have captured interviews of every USF scholarship applicant, which is a key component of the auditing process carried out through Getnick & Getnick LLP. Through their efforts, Getnick & Getnick LLP has been able to verify existing USF documentation, to build a library of USF student interviews, and to disseminate information about the project to potential donors and the general public.