Fighting Fraud
Promoting Business Integrity


Whistleblower Practice

"Collecting top dollar for clients who win cases based on new False Claims Act theories."
- National Law Journal


Complex Fraud
Investigation & Litigation

"A model of teamwork between Government and business."
- New York Times


Independent Monitoring

"Best practice: Private integrity monitoring caught and deterred fraud."
- House Subcommittee on World Trade Center clean-up.


Business Integrity Counseling

"A top down, business-driven integrity program as a profit center and a competitive advantage"
- Neil V. Getnick, International Business Times Op Ed


Global Practice

"Twenty years ago ... Getnick & Getnick was setting up a private economic crime unit to combat health care fraud... Getnick was about to catch a wave... Now, Getnick is positioning himself to catch the next wave – the internationalization of whistleblower cases"- Corporate Crime Reporter