In December 1996 Getnick & Getnick LLP was retained by a New York City plumbing contractor for a four-year period following an Independent Audit Firm (IAF) Agreement with the SCA. The IAF Agreement was reached after one of the company’s employees was involved in an alleged union bribery incident.

The IAF conducted a financial audit and investigation of the company and drafted and assisted in the implementation of a Code of Business Ethics, including conducting employee compliance training. The IAF monitored jobsites on a rotational basis. The IAF reviewed payment requisitions, change order requests, payroll reports and other information submitted by the firm to the SCA to ensure that they were accurate and timely. The IAF oversaw aspects of the hiring of employees and consultants and monitored the performance of workers from labor coalitions, and conducted discrete investigations of prevailing wage compliance by two subcontractors.