Partners Healthcare and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Pay $10M to Settle NIH Fraud Allegations

Partners Healthcare and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (“BWH”) have agreed to pay $10 million to settle allegations related to NIH grant funding for stem cell research.  According to the government:

[Doctors formerly affiliated with BWH]knew or should have known that their laboratory promulgated and relied upon manipulated and falsified information, including confocal microscope images and carbon-14 age data for cells, in applications submitted for NIH research grant awards concerning the purported ability of stem cells to repair damage to the heart. The government alleges that problems with the work of the laboratory included improper protocols, invalid and inaccurately characterized cardiac stem cells, reckless or deliberately misleading record-keeping, and discrepancies and/or fabrication of data and images included in applications and publications. The government contends that, at the direction of these BWH scientists, the Anversa laboratory included false scientific information in claims to NIH in order to obtain and use funds from NIH grants.

The institutions self-disclosed the allegations to HHS.

Read the DOJ press release here.