Twenty years ago ... Getnick & Getnick was setting up a private economic crime unit to combat health care fraud... Getnick was about to catch a wave... Now, Getnick is positioning himself to catch the next wave – the internationalization of whistleblower cases.
– Corporate Crime Reporter


Over the past two decades, G&G has successfully deployed its unique approach to fighting fraud and promoting business integrity internationally.

G&G has investigated and litigated complex international financial frauds and provided business integrity counseling to companies victimized by fraud in Russia, Europe, and South America.

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G&G has presented independent monitoring concepts and anti-fraud and corruption methodologies in various international settings, including international anti-corruption conferences in London, England; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; Lima, Peru; and Durban, South Africa; and in Belfast for the Northern Ireland Government. G&G’s Monitoring Practice in Africa, which is designed to ensure that donor funds reach their intended recipients, aspires to be a model for organizations that seek to enhance and guarantee transparency and integrity in delivering international as well as domestic aid.

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In 2011, the creation of the SEC Whistleblower Program greatly expanded opportunities for whistleblower claims based on fraudulent conduct occurring outside of the US. G&G has seized the opportunities offered by of these innovative US laws to help whistleblowers improve the integrity of markets across the world.

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