Twenty years ago ... Getnick & Getnick was setting up a private economic crime unit to combat health care fraud... Getnick was about to catch a wave... Now, Getnick is positioning himself to catch the next wave – the internationalization of whistleblower cases.
– Corporate Crime Reporter

Renowned global anti-corruption crusader Luis Moreno-Ocampo leads the global practice of Getnick & Getnick as the law firm’s Global Practice Counsel.

As the first Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Ocampo built that Court from the ground up and for 9 years prosecuted twenty of the most serious international crimes of the 21st century. Mr. Ocampo has fought corruption in more than 40 countries and many industries as a private consultant, as an active Board member of Transparency International, as a former president of its Latin America and Caribbean office, and as an advisor to the World Bank Institute. In the 1980s, he was the deputy Prosecutor in the Junta trials in Argentina and later played a key role in establishing compliance systems in the telecommunication, energy, gas and other privatized services there. He is a scholar who has taught anti-corruption strategies at Yale and Harvard. He has been named amongst the 100 Top Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine.

Mr. Ocampo’s expertise and eminence bring extraordinary depth and scope to G&G’s longstanding global practice, which began in the 1980s with an investigation of corruption by state-owned companies in South America.

In the 1990s and into this century, G&G has investigated and litigated complex international financial frauds and provided business integrity counseling to companies victimized by fraud in Russia and Europe. Click here for Case Study about International Business Transactions.

G&G has presented independent monitoring concepts in various international settings, including the International Anti-Corruption Conferences in Lima, Peru, and Durban, South Africa, and in Belfast for the Northern Ireland Government. G&G’s Monitoring Practice in Africa, which is designed to ensure that donor funds reach their intended recipients, aspires to be a model for organizations that seek to enhance and guarantee transparency and integrity in delivering international as well as domestic aid. Click here for Monitoring Practice in Africa.

In 2011, the creation of the SEC Whistleblower Program greatly expanded opportunities for whistleblower claims based on fraudulent conduct occurring outside of the US. G&G, along with Mr. Ocampo, have seized the opportunities offered by of these innovative US laws to help whistleblowers improve the integrity of markets across the world.

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