A model of teamwork between Government and business.
- New York Times

A key component of our business integrity and anti-fraud practice is complex fraud investigation and litigation. We represent individuals and companies victimized by the fraudulent conduct of competitors, vendors, professional advisors, and employees.  We work in teams with our investigators and forensic accountants to quickly determine what happened and aggressively pursue our client’s recovery.  We are, in essence, a private economic crime unit using our creativity and knowledge relentlessly for our clients.

Many of our cases are based on parallel or pre-existing criminal proceedings. We are accustomed to working alongside prosecuting authorities and other government agencies on behalf of our clients when the facts support both civil and criminal prosecution.  We have a proven track record with federal and state prosecutors across the nation.

Our work in this area may include:

  • negotiated resolutions.
  • pre-litigation investigation, including undercover investigations, covert surveillance, and forensic accounting review and analysis.
  • developing insurance claims.
  • coordination with law enforcement and prosecuting authorities.
  • temporary asset restraints and other injunctive relief.
  • litigation to recover money damages.

Our experience in this area has traversed the globe from Russia to Europe and South America and across the United States.