A top down, business-driven integrity program as a profit center and a competitive advantage.
- Neil V. Getnick

We believe in business-driven integrity, rather than law-driven compliance. Business integrity must serve the interests of business goals  —  as opposed to compliance being viewed as a brake on corporate growth. We work closely with clients to strategically leverage that principle.  Our work in this area is proactive and focused on results.

We work in teams with investigators and forensic accountants to swiftly and discreetly evaluate and address concerns with a view toward implementing immediate and long-term solutions.  Depending on a client’s needs, our work may involve:

  • advising on appropriate and effective responses to internal and external fraud.
  • conducting internal investigations.
  • executing business integrity assessments.
  • performing background  and due diligence investigations.
  • monitoring business practices.
  • developing business codes of conduct.
  • designing tailored business integrity programs to prevent and detect fraud.

We have used our expertise to assist diverse clients in a wide variety of settings, including a tri-state energy corporation and an international chain of boutique luxury hotels.