Gregory M. Krakower

Gregory M. Krakower, is Of Counsel to Getnick & Getnick LLP. Mr. Krakower focuses on representing whistleblowers seeking rewards and protections for exposing fraud by financial institutions, large taxpayers, government contractors, and health care providers. He also focuses on matters involving New York State government, including but not limited to public ethics, public corruption, administrative law, state legislation, and campaign finance.

Mr. Krakower has joined Getnick & Getnick after working for five years as Senior Advisor and Counselor to New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.

Professional highlights:

Passage and implementation of the N.Y. False Claims Act

Mr. Krakower was the lead counsel, drafter, and strategist in the strengthening of the New York False Claims Act, including applying the Act to large-scale tax frauds, expanding anti-retaliation provisions, and closing loopholes. He also wrote all of the implementing regulations of the Act, as well as whistleblower notification provisions applicable to MTA contractors.

Creation of New York Attorney General’s Taxpayer Protection Bureau

Mr. Krakower conceived of, developed, and organized the New York Attorney General’s Taxpayer Protection Bureau, which handles False Claims Act litigation on behalf of New York State and local governments.

False Claims Act Investigations & Litigation

  • Tax Frauds: Mr. Krakower supervised the initiation and intervention of New York State in a whistleblower action against Sprint-Nextel, Inc. for knowingly underpaying over $100 million in New York State sales taxes. He also worked on allegations of income and sales tax frauds by large hedge funds, international financial companies, fortune 500 companies, and local and out-of-state businesses.
  • Financial Frauds: Mr. Krakower supervised the initiation and intervention of New York State in a whistleblower action against the Bank of New York-Mellon for allegedly defrauding New York government pension funds in connection with foreign currency transactions. This action resulted in a nation-wide $714 million settlement involving the state, the federal government, and private plaintiffs.
  • Government Contractor Frauds: Mr. Krakower led the investigation of, and obtained settlements against, corrupt government contractors for fraudulently violating prevailing wage requirements, confidentiality rules, environmental regulations, rules in connection with for-profit education institutions, and other New York State contracting rules to help disadvantaged New Yorkers.
  • Health Care Laws
    Krakower drafted and negotiated the state’s “I-STOP” law governing prescription drugs, as well as the state’s groundbreaking “Ian’s Law” that bans certain abuses by health insurance companies.

Mr. Krakower developed and taught Whistleblower Statutes & Corporate Fraud at Cardozo Law School, and has lectured on the New York False Claims Act and whistleblower laws to attorneys at the Attorney General’s Offices, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and New York State and local bar associations. In 2014, Mr. Krakower, upon invitation, addressed the Québec Commission on Corruption in Public Construction Contracts on how public construction cases are investigated and handled by the New York Attorney General’s Office under the New York False Claims Act.

Prior to working at the Attorney General’s office, Mr. Krakower served as Policy Director to Mr. Schneiderman’s 2010 election campaign, and as the Assistant Executive Director of Attorney General-elect Schneiderman’s transition committee. Prior to that, Mr. Krakower was the Special Counsel and the Director of the Senate Policy Group at the New York State Senate. Before that, Mr. Krakower served as a policy advisor to then-New York Attorney General and candidate Andrew M. Cuomo from 2007-2009.

Mr. Krakower graduated from Columbia Law School in 1999 having been named a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, and practiced white collar criminal law in New York City at Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP and Clifford Chance US LLP.  He also served as a federal law clerk for the Hon. Roanne L. Mann of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.