Neil V. Getnick to Speak at 14th Annual International Bar Association Anti-Corruption Conference

Managing Partner Neil V. Getnick will be speaking on June 16, 2016 at the 14th Annual International Bar Association Anti-Corruption Conference.  Getnick will discuss the potential for U.S. whistleblower laws to serve as a model for anti-corruption efforts in Europe.  Read the panel description below:

Corruption investigations have come about very slowly in Europe and in many countries law enforcement authorities are finding it still difficult to prosecute foreign bribery cases. The experience of the US is that whistleblowers are a game-changer. The ability to remunerate whistleblowers may still seem culturally foreign in Europe, but protecting whistleblowers is definitely on the agenda. This session, moderated by Prof Pieth, will include as speakers the GPT/Airbus whistleblower, a US whistleblower lawyer, a former German judge (from the Siemens case) now the FIFA ethics judge as well as a former Swiss federal attorney to explore the rise and role of whistleblowers in Europe.

View the conference brochure here.
View information on Getnick’s global whistleblower practice here.